NYState Allstate Symposium of Life, Keynote Speech – 72 min

April 24, 2017  Keynote Speech, NYState Allstate Symposium for Life

One thought on “NYState Allstate Symposium of Life, Keynote Speech – 72 min

  • Dear Mallory, I saw and heard your powerfull in a humble guttsy truth filled way. (If that makes sense) I watch St. Michael’s broadcasting Network in St.Paul/Minneapolis one evening and caught this video. I graduated 1967 from Cretin Military High School and went to Height/Ashbury the following fall after getting off probation for drinking under age with my buddies. We knew it was a matter of time until we were drafted . So we went to hoped a box car and 7 of of us road the rail to SPS Spokane -Portlamd -Seattle . Hitchhiked South to San Francisco to experience the “Summer of Love” 1967. I was caught up inthe web of lies and deceit of the Berkeley Bolshiveks at the age of 17 and was one of those young ueseful idiots who was knocked silly on the head by a police officer’s riot baton . Unfortunately it didn’t knock any common sense back into me. I’m writting to say thank you for the courage to speak up about the ( revolutionary steering committee behind the curtain ) Terrible Wizard of evil that was Alinsky and his ” Rules for Radicalls” minnions . Many are in power now and have been for years spawning atheisim ie socialisim in our schools, printed mainstrean editorial columns and all the major forms of communication media. So let me close this verbose poigniant ramble with a hearty “atta girl !” Peace and God love you.

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