I Am Woman Hear Me Whore

One of our current morons masquerading as a sage last week said of Bruce Jenner, “If he says he’s a woman, then she’s a woman.” So, if I say I’m a cantaloupe, then I’m a cantaloupe?One of my favorite quotations is: “Insanity is the pursuit of delusion at all costs while sanity is the pursuit of reality at all costs.” If we take a deep look at the world around us we will see the truth of this statement.

For instance, let’s take Bruce Jenner and his current falderal: thinking he is becoming a woman.  This is a man who was quite a man.  In his youth he captured our attention by winning Gold in the most difficult division of the Olympics, the Decathlon.  By attaining this impossible goal and beating out all the other men in the world he had every expectation of dining off that for the rest of his life, basking in the fame, adulation, money which comes with such attainment. He was of enviable stuff.

But the future held something unimaginable.  His stepdaughter, who possesses a backside so out of proportion as to be a tad freakish, decided to adopt the motto of our time…”flaunt it”…”brazen it out.” Make it an asset (pun intended).  In fact, go to the outer limits of flaunting it.

So, Kim made a film of herself having sexual intercourse with a big stud and put it out for public consumption the way her best pal, the Hilton gal, had made her own desperate grasp at fame.  The feminists announced it’s a good thing to be a rebel, an outlaw.  Be a damned outlaw!  All those stupid laws were made out of whole cloth by oppressive white males who know nothing of the sufferings of woman.

A number of decades ago, imagine a woman doing that and working it to the level of attention that not even the most talented, gifted, productive members of our society ever reach. Here comes the Kardashian crowd, their mother pimping her heart out, in pursuit of fame, fame, fame.  Let’s not forget the name, Kardashian, was known already because the sire of this bevy of pulchritude was an enabler in murders committed by the renowned OJ Simpson. This used to be called infamy. I hardly think there’s even much use for that term in today’s world.

Just open any screen, newspaper, magazine and wherever you look, you see female flesh spread out before you to the point of ludicrousness.  Everywhere one glances there’s flesh, flesh, flesh… bosoms, butts, bellies, front cleavage, rear cleavage.

Besides being paramount attractors of carnal curiosity, women are being touted for many and all positions of authority.  They seem to be running everything.  Everywhere you look there’s a woman at the helm.  Are we morphing into an oligarchy of matriarchs? State Department, civil service, VA, SEC, Fed, IMF, AG and the IRS’s Lois Lerner… CEO’s, COO’s, etc., etc. The only person the DNC can dig up for their Presidential candidate is a shop-worn, date-expired, known-liar and obfuscator.  And, voila, guess what?… it’s a woman!

It used to be that men had the power when it came to running the world and there was another over-sold delusion called penis envy.  I now suggest the current delusion has turned to clitoris envy.

There’s Bruce Jenner residing at a virtual Bunny Ranch in Brentwood with legs, bosoms, behinds, skirts-swooshing, heels-clicking, hair-flipping attracting battalions of cameras, money, attention, magazine covers, prime seats at fashion week and plum spots at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Ball.  Power, baby, power! Vogue magazine covers and invites to The White House.  No Decathlon winner ever garnered such magnetism as that little piece of porn once it was unleashed.

And there’s Bruce, living like a eunuch in a harem producing a GDP grander than many small nations.  He’s suffering gender envy that must be unfathomable.  He’s worked, slaved, trained, performed almost beyond human endurance and accomplishment and he’s getting bupkis while these hootchy-girls take in tsunamis of riches and notoriety.  All he can do is stand around, look lame and seep in the shame of being one of those most loathsome of all creatures, a white male!

Poor Bruce was beyond eclipsed by the magnitude of their sexual empire while his wife was so distracted by her “daughters-for-sale” that the poor guy had to do something to get attention.

Maybe a thick coat of lip-gloss might help?

So, straining under this excruciating load of boobs, butts, fat-lipped-Botoxed-big-hair-Jimmy Choo envy he decides to blow the world’s mind by opting for transsexual tampering with his own unique and precious body.

Only thing is: never has he had a girlhood, a uterus, nor ovaries, nor has he suffered through countless menstrual cycles, gynecological exams nor fear of pregnancy, flop-sweating over twenty-eight little boxes on a calendar.  He’ll never be impregnated by a man he loves, nor will he gestate in his body a body for an independent human soul, who emerges into our world for possibly up to 100 years. And these are just some of the things that make up the reality of a woman.

Anyone who actually believes that a man can shave off his Adams-apple; shove in some hormones and plumped-out boobs; cut off his manhood; get a big blow-dry of his mane and prance forth calling himself a woman is hyper-deluded.  Where do they put that cavity? (To nowhere, by the way)  He is no more than an over-excited, hallucinatory, self-mutilated male all decked-out for what?  Halloween?  “If he says he’s a woman then he’s a woman”?

The weirdest thing is that he says he’s still attracted only to women.  So, he’s doing all this to become a lesbian?

In a New York Post op-ed, Ashley McGuire quotes this tweet: “Please stop calling the #RoyalBaby a girl.  We don’t know the baby’s gender until it is old enough to decide for itself.”  I’m with Ashley when she asks, “What is wrong with people?”

So many of you are buying into this mass-psychotic-behavior by sheepishly, shockingly, using the incredible pronouns “she” and “her” as decreed by these fascistic fantasists. The asylums are full of people who think they’re Louis Pasteur, Jesus and Marie Antoinette.  But we Americans have had the sanity and presence of mind to know it just ain’t so.

We understood that these folks were laboring under cruel dreams. However, forty years of hallucinatory drugs running through our veins along with Orientalism introduced by exotic teachers such as Rajneesh, Lao Tse, The Maharishi, the Dali Lama, etc., etc., has turned the heads of Americans from Judeo-Christian fundamentals to such an extent that people who once had a strong sense of truth, reality, conscience, a clear understanding of fact and fiction have switched to an Asian mind-set that says, “Whatever you think is true is your truth.”

There’s no “your truth…my truth”! There’s the truth. Period!

Here’s some truth for ya.  You see, there’s that pesky little Y chromosome.  One hundred years from now if they dig up Bruce Jenner they will find, besides a pair of silicon implants and a few bones, someone whose DNA unequivocally shouts out that this human being was and is, for all time, (horror of horrors) a white male!

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Mallory Millett resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years.  CFO for several corporations, she is a long-standing Director of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and sits on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.


  • You left one political cult for another but the true indoctrination that stayed with you is institutionalized patriarchy. You want the men back in charge of “western civilization” so your life is easier by forcing all women to become subservient once again and sleep their way (women were still doing that before or did you replace your memories that far back with air?) into personal security and financial success.

    I’m actually willing to bet the “change of heart” you had was some Con(servative) man come along who wouldn’t take someone independent and free-thinking as a wife if he wouldn’t have financial and sexual control over you. You needed an easy way out of struggle (have you ever earned anything on your own merits?) and so you did what very few women, save for you and Kim K., have felt nothing but remorse and shame over; you betrayed your principles and the hard-fought individual liberties which so many suffragettes who came before you sacrificed so much for, and traded all that for a little *personal security.* Does that sound familiar to you at all?

    Oh, and the timid tinges of Transphobia and white supremacy you sprinkled in there? That’s what makes you so disconnected from the real, modern world. Those outmoded notions of gender and racial superiority are just as archaic as the fairytale religious dogma which had long hikacked our Democracy (violation of 1A) and helped shape the jingoistic notions of political or national superiority which helped cement them. But just like those participation trophies to Confederate traitors, that foundation will be toppled as well.

    When you refuse to progress forward, you agree to be left behind.

    I wish you well in your continued life of male servitude.

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