Terry Beatley Interview – Women Are More Than Their Ovaries – 55 min

Women desire many of the same things men do: national security; safe, strong borders; lower taxes; smaller government; legal immigration; a thriving economy; school choice for our children; parental rights; and, of course, healthcare.

Women are not monolithic. When we think of what will lead to a prosperous and secure country, quite frankly, we don’t think of our reproductive organs like some people would prefer us to believe. We ARE more than our ovaries! Join Terry, Ava and Mallory as they share their thoughts about the first three years of the Trump presidency and what women should be taking into consideration. 

Join author Ava Armstrong, Mallory Millett and host, Terry Beatley, as they explore the reasons why women should consider the accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump.  With 41% of all women voting for Trump in 2016 and now with a major list of accomplishments over the past 3 years, women will be taking a second look at this Make America Great Again President.

Ava Armstrong is an author and political commentator on America Out Loud who has a growing and thriving Twitter community. Mallory Millett is a national speaker who exposes the lies of Marxism/Socialism. Both women are thoughtful and opinionated that when combined in one show explode like two sticks of dynamite!

Mallory Millett resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years.  CFO for several corporations, she is a longstanding Director of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and sits on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.

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