Entire World Headed to U.S.: Ann Coulter Denounced for Noticing

Of all the people I know in the world of political commentary, Ann Coulter is the most un-ransomable captive to truth, in-depth-study of facts, consequences and her Daughters of The Revolution passion for America.The other week, I traveled to Miami with Ann for her debate with Jorge Ramos, of Univision TV, over her new book, “Adios America.” She’d crawled out of her sickbed to keep that date.  I know, because I was the pal who for days dashed back and forth with the raw ginger, mango juice, Alka-Seltzer Plus/Nightime, cases of water, various lozenges and prescriptions from CVS.  It was imperative that she be well for what she considered an important interview.  And, whew, she made it!

Although still ill, Ann came with a fully loaded quiver and Jorge was no match for her.  I was disappointed, for I’d expected a sparkling event but this reporter came to the test without his homework. He began the interview by challenging her numbers.

Anyone with the slightest exposure to Ann knows never to do that.  She’s forever under the menacing microscopic eye of “The Vast left-wing Conspiracy” and makes it her business to come fully bolstered by indisputable facts, facts, facts.

The only racist on that stage was Jorge Ramos, who could not stop attacking the white lady long enough to truly hear the incontrovertibles she pronounced in rapid-fire sequence.  He constantly spoke over her.  Reality visibly bewildered Jorgito.  Truth hurt.  It was traumatic for him, super-surprising and threatening; he kept getting smaller and smaller as solid facts, logic and reasoning flew through the air and over his head.

I call Ann a “lady” because that’s what she is — through and through.  We’ve experienced much together for many years so I’m fully equipped to speak of her.  She is, indeed, a lady, kind, fine and generous.  A lady with a sting, yes, but I’ve found genuine ladies are pretty tough dames who suffer not knaves gladly.

She was wrong because she was too white.  An honest ear and open heart would not be coming from Ramos’ audience to her.  No mercy for white people!  Plug your ears and sing, “la, la, la, la, la, la, la” because anyone that white must be bad and should never be heard.  She’s too white not to be a racist; too white to deserve belief.

Ann was the only one in the hall who added fresh insight to the encounter.  One point she made clear is that if an immigrant flees a Third World dump, the last thing he wants is to watch his country of sanctuary become the place he escaped. This possibility didn’t faze Ramos, probably because his fondest hope for America could be utter failure: a brand-new deficient nation for the world: Northern Mexamerica.

Ramos introduced Ann as someone “who doesn’t want immigration reform”… that sort of sleazy semantic manipulation: (Newspeak for “This is a bad person”)


Ann most definitely demands immigration reform — total reform: shut down the agency; a triple fence on the border; no one coming in, even legally, for a decade; complete overhaul of the laws.  Now, that would be honest-to-gosh real reform.

When she mentioned crime statistics, Ramos did have his gotcha ready: “Oh, so do you think certain people are biologically predisposed to committing crimes?”  (You racist, you!)  Ann fired back, “No, I think there are cultures that are, obviously, deficient and if they weren’t deficient you (Jorge Ramos) wouldn’t be sitting here in America interviewing me.  I’d be sitting in Mexico.  You, yourself, fled that culture!”

She explained to Ramos that the America to which the immigrants ran can’t sustain itself and won’t exist; soon they’ll be in the same stew out of which they jumped.  This is not a race issue; it’s a culture issue.  They left for very good reasons.  “You fled Mexico!” she exclaimed, adding, “Why do you think Mexicans who came to America would want to recreate Mexico here?  You are not speaking for the legal immigrants who ran from Mexico.  They left.”

“America needs diversity!” Ramos cried.  She cried back, “One quarter of the population of Mexico has emptied into America already. Thirty percent of legals are Mexicans; sixty percent of illegals are Mexicans.  That’s not diversity!”

I couldn’t grasp what she’d just said:  That 25% of Mexico’s people had relocated to the U.S.?  Do people know this?

Ann pressed on, “That’s the Mexification of America. How many would be enough?” Jorge fell into shocked silence.  “How many?” Ann insisted.  “One half?… ALL of Mexico?  Should we just take in all of Mexico?”  Ramos was dumbstruck.

Perhaps if someone had clued him in that Ann was captain of her lacrosse team in High School as well as a fencing champion in the Connecticut State Finals he might have boned up a tad more.  Seeing him struggle to keep up was like having to watch me play tennis with Sharapova.

Jorge Ramos ain’t got the chops to get on a stage with Ann Coulter any more than NBC’S Matt Lauer — which is probably why you won’t see Ann on The Today Show anytime soon.  Nor was James Carville up to dueling with her in Atlantic City a few years ago.  She soooo demolished James that he was reduced to incomprehensible babbling, his body doubled into a hook-shape resembling osteoporosis, his face pitched toward the floor and during the last fifteen minutes he bobbled about like an unfit prizefighter facing Sugar Ray.  I got scared something was happening to Carville; was it a psychotic episode?  Woe betide anyone who doesn’t have the stuff and climbs into a ring with Ann.  She made hash of him. It was embarrassing.  Had I been Mary Matalin, I’d have packed up and left that night with a kid under each arm.

It’s amusing the way the Left is dependably bewildered by well-armed, well-equipped adversaries. Inevitably, they resort to trickery, sleight of hand, their infernal sound bites and bumper-sticker philosophies.  Mr. Ramos’s repertoire was composed of just such feeble blips that we’ve heard and, moreover, disproven, time and again.  He repeated something to the effect of, “Immigrants created this country; immigration is the history of this country; immigrants made America” over and over again; a monotonous chorus interwoven with Ann’s substantive and narrative verses.

She responded that settlers, not immigrants, made this nation.  “You came from immigrants,” he pled.  “No, I did not,” she said.  “No, everyone here is from immigration,” he insisted. “No, my people were settlers,” she said. “There was no country when my people came and it was settlers who made this country.”  He just kept yelling that immigrants made America.  “No,” she instructed him, “The Dutch and British invented America.  The first seventeen Presidents were settlers, not immigrants.”

“In your book you say Americans should ‘fear illegal immigrants more than ISIS.’”  “Yes,” Ann replied calmly, “I have a tip for you: if you don’t want to be killed by ISIS don’t fly to Syria.  If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican I don’t know what to tell you.” At this, Ramos was breathless, hung out to dry in a vast stone-cold silence.  (One might have gotten away with a quickie powder room dash.)

It was the telling moment of the debate; a blinding light had stopped that deer in his tracks.  Ann broke the emptiness, reasoning to his incredulous face, “If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS don’t go to Syria.”

“But it’s good economics,” he sputtered at one point.  “You need the workers and these people need jobs.”  “No,” she said, “it is not economics.  There are (billions) out in the world who are suffering on what? — two dollars a year?  They’d all like to come here.  Mexico happens to be within walking distance.  You’re the one discriminating against the poor Bangladeshis who would love to come here but they cannot walk across the border.  Why do you discriminate against them?  It is not humanitarian. It is not diversity.  It’s just changing our culture into Mexico without checking with the American people.”

We are a people who rue past slavery so why would we import a layer of second-class workers? No, as usual, the Democrats, feigning “compassion,” persist in creating a proto-slavery with high numbers of second-class virtual slaves undercutting citizen workers who dare to ask an honorable wage.  Yes, the Democrats, once again, are trying to pull an end-run around The Civil War, so they can form a new slave-class. They never saw a form of dependency, of slavery, they didn’t love and have spent long hard years fighting the Republicans over this.  It has always been the Republicans wrestling the Democrats to the ground in order to get slavery out of our society.

Ramos was undaunted in defending his delusions, much to the admiration of his cohorts.  This guy has a constituency depending mightily on his fake numbers and their audacious demand that we suffer uninvited intruders into our home, despoiling, raiding our labors and resources and dragging our culture down into deficiency, dependency, inertia.

I was once a Leftist but I got hip to their tricks and feints.  I learned that they’re pretty much a bag of tricks.  In fact, a big part of the fun of being “a revolutionary” is the lying, dodging and obfuscating. (Google “Clinton.”) It’s fun to fool people.  The Left has only slim truth for their favorite quarrels; there’s little recourse for them but to yell “racist!” or “sexist” in crowded theaters.  When I was in the thrall of my Marxist sister, Kate, that’s what we did when confronted with “squares”, “straights”… trickery and clever ploys… the coinage of the Left.

During the Q and A, one of Ramos’ fans, a known political activist, an illegal herself (for 22 years) disingenuously begged Ann to come down from the stage and “acknowledge her humanity” by hugging her. Aha!  The parlor trick, the preposterous signature antic that eternally oozes out of the Left!  Here it was! They never go anywhere without it.  As if you or I, discovering a stranger in our upstairs bathroom, would respond happily to his demand for a hug.

We had wondered what circus-trick they might pull. Here was the inevitable “plant.” Now I, the one making runs to the grocery and pharmacy, am proof positive Ann was miserable with a “thing” we tried, for days, not to spread.  She wasn’t hugging her friends so she wasn’t about to hug this trickster or, as she joked with Hannity a day later, “The headlines would have read, ‘Coulter infects illegal alien.'”  She didn’t recoil from her, per se, but rather, from spreading her own germs.  Had Ann the same sinister malice as that “plant”, she might have hugged her huge illegal body and sent her packing off to ICE for deportation along with a nasty virus.

Mexico, which thinks this land was or is theirs, is slyly snookering the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic, the erasing of our hard-won borders: Mexico, herself, will only admit people, “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.”  Here they are, a deficient culture, a failing nation, yet they have high standards of admission while we, a truly fine culture, ask for nada, taking whatever intrudes.

America needs to do the same as Mexico: to oversee the “raising of our average not the lowering of our average.  The USA is not a charity organization,” said Ann.  As she put it to Ramos,  “We’re not running an international humanitarian process.  This isn’t a charity mission!  The American government exists to protect the American people who live here not to help out all the people of the world.  America is the best in the world and we are about to lose it and everyone who lives here is going to lose that!” she wisely warned.

“Others are in need!” we hear.  But we also know well that “charity begins at home.” It’s a cliché because, apparently, we need to be reminded often.  If we help others while ignoring our own households and starving our offspring we know this defies decency and common sense.  We are honor-bound to feed, educate and medicate those who already make up our families and legal citizenry.

You’d have resentful, traumatized children if you had two of them in a three-bedroom house and allowed fifty strangers to move right in and sleep in their beds, inhale their food, tear up your house, raiding what you’ve provided for your own family. It is utterly merciless and hardly sincere charity to deplete resources we earn for our own for the upkeep of stealth invaders who enter criminally and make a beeline for U.S. government assistance and food stamps.

“What kind of country would do that?” Ann demanded of him.  “It’s madness!”

Americans have mistaken weak policy for goodness, kindness and charity.  What is not charity and what is mean-spirited is to give your own little one’s spaces, care and futures to aggressives crawling through the basement window.  Charity must be parochial, first! We need to demonstrate to generations coming up that we are seriously cultivating the country we hand to them.

What sense would it make to your kids to let those fifty home-invaders stay with you after they’ve broken in?  What?  You say, “Gee, guys, these folks came in through the window in the middle of the night and we’re afraid to kick them out!?”  What would your children think or say about you?  We have given our all to creating this blessed place of order, civility, sanctuary.  We are mandated by common sense to stand up solidly for it and ourselves and to prevent American culture from morphing into the Third World hellhole next door.

I used to live in Asia and without a trace of exaggeration can tell you that every single person, from 6 to 65, whom I met in The Philippines, India, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and also, University of Mexico where I did my Junior year of college), every single one was brimming with visions of America somewhere in their near or distant futures.  I was very young and charmed and happy so many people admired us.  Except that after a few years charm had turned to alarm!

By the time I returned to the States it was full-blown panic.  I wanted to run up and down streets, boulevards and avenues screaming, Paul Revere style,  “Everyone in the world is coming… batten down the hatches… they’re all on their way!!”  Letting this happen is an unsustainable plan and seriously lacking in wisdom.

Ann’s last remark to Jorge Ramos was, “You’re a cultural imperialist!!”

When people speak so dismissively about the border; act so blasé about our borders; this is propaganda in an effort to overrun and eliminate borders. Of course the Left, as they do with everything, claim, “It’s all about race and racists!”  No more is it much a matter of getting to be an American, at least on the activist level.  With them, in the larger picture, it’s about dissolving our sovereignty so that “American” would become an obsolete label replaced by “Citizen of the World.”  Many have plans to liquidate the sovereignty of America and with it the sovereignty of the American individual.

At the heart of Judeo-Christianity is the sacredness and saving of the lone soul.  We nurture purity in that soul… accountability for sins and errors endured by the solitary being.  This is what is being assaulted… the very existence and meaning of personal integrity is under siege. At the core of it is The Collective. There’s nothing to do with race here and bringing in race is bunk, a pernicious distraction. This attack on America is all about the triumph of The Collective over the singular.

Imagine, actually, the loss of American sovereignty.  Then imagine, actually, the loss of your personal sovereignty.  Now, read “Adios America” and discover a lot of surprising stuff you definitely don’t know.

Take your choice… whatever race you happen to be: Do you want to be a Citizen of the World or do you want to be a Citizen of The United States of America?

What was especially fascinating about this encounter was that you could visibly track Ramos’ handpicked audience coming over to Ann.  By the end they liked her.  It was palpable in the studio.

It takes some nerve to stick up for yourself when you are wrong… when what you’re defending is a whopper of a lie. But Jorge Ramos hung in there passionately, gasping, interrupting and spinning on the spot.  I witnessed how he was transfixed by Ann’s logic. I saw that he kind of wished he could switch sides because she was clearly smarter than he and perhaps he had a flash of wishing she could put him in her purse and take him home with her. Everyone loves a winner and Jorge clearly admired Ann. He knew better than anyone that he had been bested.

Would someone please produce a worthy opponent for a robust debate with Ann Coulter?

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Mallory Millett resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years.  She has lived, studied and traveled extensively throughout the Third World. CFO for several corporations, she is a long-standing Director of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and sits on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.

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