Power Grab on our First and Second Amendment Rights by Ladies of Liberty, April 12 2021 – 57 min

Our First and Second Amendment rights are under fire from the progressive left. Private companies and the media are canceling conservative speech. Our Second Amendment is under assault by Joe Biden and his leftist friends. Ava Armstrong, Mallory Millett, and Linda Martinelli discuss what is happening and why. The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off on keeping our rights and our guns. You’re gonna love this!

Ladies of Liberty

In this unsettled world, we as women play a most important role in history as peacemakers at this time and place. Our goal is to affect women’s lives in an empowering way through a discussion of the important issues of the day. Women have unheralded yet unlimited power and come from a place of love and compromise, common sense, faith, and unyielding wisdom. Women are the defining force that will calm the winds of chaos and violence and earth’s greatest advocates for peace.

Mallory Millett resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years.  CFO for several corporations, she is a longstanding Director of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and sits on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.

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