America Divided and Distrustful – May 29, 2021 – 58 min

The rationale of thievery is that the other guy has it; you want it, Biden will take it for you. Rochester talk radio host Bob Lonsberry has it summed up in his article Two Americas. The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off about those who have and those who don’t. Why should the government dictate outcomes in the lives of Americans? If we debase the successful⏤will it reduce income equality? Should we reap what we sow, or become wards of society? And what institutions in America can we still believe in, trust in, and admire? Ava Armstrong, Mallory Millett, and Linda Martinelli share a deep and disturbing discussion on these all-important issues of the day. You’re gonna love this!

Mallory Millett resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years.  CFO for several corporations, she is a longstanding Director of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and sits on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.

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